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LMR is a co-operative working with farmers, contractors and rural businesses (the members) to satisfy their machinery and labour needs and to supply inputs at group rates with the aim of reducing operating costs and improving business efficiency.
LMR has been moving labour and machinery resources between its’ members since 1991.  All agricultural activities are covered across the full range of enterprises.  Members benefit from the peace of mind that the Ring provides a backup supply of machinery and labour to cover unforeseen eventualities.

The Ring is serving 700 members across the counties of:
▪ Lincolnshire
▪ Nottinghamshire
▪ Leicestershire
▪ Rutland
▪ Northamptonshire
As well as – S.Yorkshire, E.Derbyshire and N.Cambs.

Group buying services in fuels, gases and lubricants are extremely popular with members. Significant growth is also being seen in supplying concrete and in hiring tractors, trailers and plant. The group is also very successful with deals on electricity, telecoms, wearing parts and tyres.

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